What Insurances do I need when entering a Commercial Lease?

Depending on the requirements of your landlord and real estate, there a few different Insurances that your business may be required to insure as part of your lease and Contractual Requirements. Bear in mind, that all leases are different and may not require all of those. The below mentioned Insurances fall part of a comprehensive Business Package Insurance Policy and can be tailored to meet your needs.

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance protects your business from third party property or bodily injury claims where you’re found liable for. It can pay the legal, defence and compensation costs in the event a claim is brought against your business.

The lease may require that you need $20,000,000 as a minimum. Some leases do not specify an amount.

Property Insurance

As you’re occupying a physical office, retail space, warehouse or the likes, insuring your contents and stock against events such as fire or natural perils like storm is the obvious choice to protect your assets from the unknown.

Business Interruption Insurance

This insurance covers financial losses that may occur if your business is unable to trade because of a fire or natural peril. It will replace your lost business income until your business is back to pre-event turnover levels.

Plate Glass Insurance

Glass Insurance covers your internal or external, or both for Breakage.


Engaging Morgan Insurance Brokers means that we can review your lease and provide you with an insurance solution that will align with your lease requirements whilst also protecting your business.