Bakery Business Insurance

Bakery Business Insurance

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Why insurance for bakers and cake decorators matters

Bakery Business Insurance – Insurance shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are 3 major risks that can be mitigated with adequate insurance in place.

Foodborne illness: Illness claims could be brought against a bakery as a result of poor or incorrect handling & preparing and storing of food

Natural disasters and weather events: Bakeries are at risk of being affected by natural disasters, such as a storm, floods, or fires, which can cause damage to contents, stock & equipment and ultimately a loss of income due to disruption.

Slips and falls are common types of accidents that can occur in a bakery, and they can result in serious injuries for employees and customers. A bakery should insure for mandatory worker’s compensation, along with Public Liability Insurance to protect them from these claims.

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Public & Products Liability Insurance for bakers

Public Liability Insurance can provide cover for accidents and injuries that occur on the bakery's premises. It can cover medical expenses, as well as legal fees and settlements.

Personal Injury Claims

If a customer, or supplier, or any other third party steps on a wet spot on the floor and hurt themselves and sustains injuries, they could sue you for medical expenses, time off work, mental anguish.

Product Liability

An example of a products liability claim is if a customer of the bakery eats one of their items, such as bread, and becomes ill because it was contaminated with a foreign substance

How Morgan Insurance Brokers can help obtain Bakery Business Insurance

Morgan Insurance Brokers can help a bakery to manage its risk and protect its financial interests by providing expert insurance advice, searching and obtaining the right insurance policy and coverage, and handling all claims that may occur.

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