Insurance for Pet Stores

Insurance for Pet Stores

Insurance for Pet Stores with a qualified and experienced Insurance Broker to protect your business

Insurance for Plasterers

Why it matters

Insurance for Pet Stores, especially Public Liability Insurance is important as the exposure for a retail premise is significantly higher than for an online store.

2 examples could be:

  • Customers tripping and falling over stock, or displays instore
  • Suppliers injuring themselves when delivering stock

Public Liability Insurance protects you for your negligence such as if an employee was cleaning the floor and didn’t properly display wet floor signs. If a third party was to injure themselves because of this, your business could be liable for the medical and compensation costs.

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What Does Public Liability Insurance Cover?

Public Liability Insurance is a broad cover that can protect a pet store from third party property damage, injury, and advertising claims.

Third Party Property Damage

A Pet Store could cause damage to their rented premise, in which a property damage claim could be brought against them from their landlord.

Products Liability

If your products that you sell cause injury to a third party, you could be involved in a products liability claim, along with the manufacter of the products. A public liability insurance can protect you from the legal costs involved if such a claim were to occur.

Public Liability Insurance Broker

Advertising Liability

Advertising Liability can protect you from the financial burden of advertising your products in a way that is misleading.
  • Defamation
  • Copyright
  • Misleading conduct
  • Unfair competition

What other insurances should a Pet Store have?

Business Interruption

Electronic & Machinery Breakdown

Management Liability


Tax Audit


Cover for your stock (fire, perils, weather)

Portable Items Cover

How Morgan Insurance Brokers can help your Pet Store

Morgan Insurance Brokers have insured countless pet stores and are aware of their risks and how to mitigate these with adequate insurance solutions.

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