Traffic Controller InsuranceTraffic Management Consultant Insurance

Insurance for Traffic Controller Businesses and Traffic Management Consultants

Traffic Controller InsuranceTraffic Management Consultant Insurance

Insurance for Traffic Controller Businesses and Traffic Management Consultants

Engaging Morgan Insurance Brokers as your preferred partner

There is no doubt that Traffic Management Consultants and Traffic Control Businesses are exposed to a high level of risk. These risks call for an industry expert that has experience in identifiying your exposures, and providing Insurance solutions to mitigate these to protect your business.

Morgan Insurance Brokers willl approach a large panel of approved insurers on your behalf to find the most suitable and comprehensive cover for your business. We always do a thorough risk analysis that matches your business activities with the insurance policies that we recommend to you.

In the event that you need to make a claim, we will guide you through the process, being the support that you need. We guarantee minimal involvement and disruption to your business. Contact Us Today.

Business Insurance


Professional Indemnity

Whether it’s development applications or site audits, your Traffic Management Consultancy Business has an exposure The advice or recommendations that you provide could result in your clients resulting in a financial loss. Professional Indemnity will protect your business from the financial implications if you make a mistake, or are in breach of your professional duty.

Third party injury & property damage

Although the risk is low for a Traffic Management Consultant, Public Liability Insurance will protect you from any personal injury or property damage claims you’re liable for. The cost of this insurance is quite inexpensive and is an excellent layer of protection for your business.


Public Liability/Injury Claims

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Damage to Items in Transit

Damage to Hired In Equipment

Office Package/Business Insurance

Contractual Liability

Management Liability/Directors & Officers

Trade Credit- Protecting Your Aged Debtors

Workers Compensation

Portable Equipment

Professional Indemnity

Cyber Protection

Does My Business Need Public Liability Insurance?

If you’re engaging in Traffic Control activities, your business has two major exposures; Injury to their employees, and injuries to the public. Public Liability Insurance can protect the costs associated in the event of an injury claim that is brought against them as a result of their negligence.

Traffic Management Consultants have a lower risk than Traffic Control busiensses, however there is still the chance that a third party could be injured, or damage to others property could happen which you’re negligent and liable for. Public Liability for Traffic Management Consultants who are not doing any manual work is quite cheap and should be considered a must have for any consultancy business.

Insuring your Fleet

Morgan Insurance Brokers are specialists in Fleet Insurance, especially the high frequency motor vehicle claims that are a Traffic Management Company encounter. Late nights, early mornings, driver fatigue, outback roads – all major risks for a Traffic Management Business & their fleet.

Business Use Car Insurance

With over a panel of 10 different insurers we can approach, we can insure your private or business use motor vehicles for comprehensive cover.

Insuring your VMS Boards and Portable Equipment

Your portable equipment such as traffic lights, VMS signs and speed radar signs can be easily damaged by wild weather, vandalism, and vehicle impacts. A portable equipment insurance policy is an effective and cheap solution to protecting your equipment.

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Traffic Management Consultants

Professional Indemnity Insurance covers you for any advice, recommendations that you give that results in a financial loss to third parties. This can also includes claims brought against you for a  Breach of Professional Duty. For a Traffic Management Business, Professional Indemnity Insurance could benefit if you if you are providing such services such as, but not limited to; Traffic Management Plans or audits,.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Traffic Management Companies should insure for Public Liability Insurance to protect themselves from claims brought against them for personal injury and property damage.

Contractual Liability Insurance will protect you for your liabilities assumed under contract. Essentially, some contracts that you sign into can have a clause that states that you assume liability, regardless of fault. Many Public Liability Insurance policies will not cover you for this, so it’s important to have your contracts reviewed by a solicitor to ensure that you are not signing an onorous conditions.

Public Liability Insurance can vary greatly depending on the size of your business.

Your business activities, location, and employee numbers also attribute to the premium.

Morgan Insurance Brokers has many flexible payment options including paying your Insurance over 12 managable instalments.