Insurance For Handyman

Insurance For Handyman such as Public Liability, Accident Cover, Tool, and Vehicle Insurances.

Insurance For Handyman

Insurance For Handyman such as Public Liability, Accident Cover, Tool, and Vehicle Insurances.

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Why it matters

Insurance for Handyman – Insurance for a handyman is important whether it’s residential or commercial work because, like any construction work, there is the risk of things going wrong. Someone could hurt themselves, you could hurt yourself, items could be stolen etc. The list goes on. Ensuring you have proper protection with comprehensive Public Liability Insurance, and also tool cover is the best thing you can do to protect your business.

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What Does Public Liability Insurance Cover?

Public Liability Insurance is an insurance policy that protects your handyman business from if accidents were to occur and someone was to hurt themselves as a result of your negligence, or if property was damaged to a third party.

Third Party Property Damage

A Public Liability Claim example for a Handyman for a property damage claim could be:

A handyman is doing work in a residential house when he’s brought his ladder into the main living room to do some painting. When he’s setting up the ladder, he’s knocked over a can of paint onto timber flooring. Public Liability Insurance can pay for the repair or replacement of the wooden flooring.

Third Party Personal Injury

A Public Liability claim example for a handyman for a personal injury claim could be if a handyman has accidently left his tools and equipment in the path of usual foot traffic and a third party has injured themselves resulting in time off work, and medical expenses.

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Is Insurance Mandatory for a Handyman?

Insurances such as Workers Compensation for your employees is mandatory for all businesses that employ staff. Public Liability Insurance is not mandatory for a Handyman but it highly recommended to protect your business from the costs of expensive legal fees and compensation fees if someone were to be injured.

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Personal Accident & Illness Insurance

Being in a physical and manual trade, Tree Loppers & Arborists should consider protecting their income if they’re unable to work with a comprehensive Personal Accident & Illness cover.

Accident Cover

Weekly income protection if you’ve hurt yourself and cannot work

Illness Cover

Weekly income protection if you’re unable to go to work due to an illness or sickness

Business Expenses

Business Expenses cover for if you’re unable to work due to a sickness or accident

How Morgan Insurance Brokers can help Handymen

Handymen have risks that are very similiar to other construction trades. Fortunately, Morgan Insurance Brokers has access to a large panel of approved insurers that can offer comprehensive cover to your handyman business. We provide a holistic approach to insurance for handymen and can insure tools, workers compensation, personal accident and illness, and motor insurance.

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