Demolition and Asbestos Removal Insurance

Everything you need to know about Demolition and Asbestos Removal Insurance

Demolition and Asbestos Removal Insurance

Everything you need to know about Demolition and Asbestos Removal Insurance

demolition and asbestos removal insurance

Demolition and Asbestos Removal Insurance - Why it's important

Demolition is the process of tearing down a residential building, such as a house or apartment complex, in order to clear the land for a new construction project or to make way for other purposes. This type of demolition typically involves the use of heavy machinery, such as excavators and bulldozers, to break down the structure and remove any debris. The process can be complex and dangerous, which is why it is typically performed by professional demolition contractors who have the necessary experience and equipment to do the job safely and efficiently.

Demolition contractors need public liability insurance to protect themselves against potential claims that may arise from injury or property damage that occurs during the course of their work. This type of insurance can help to cover the cost of legal fees, medical bills, and other expenses that may be incurred if someone is injured or property is damaged as a result of the contractor’s actions. Additionally, many customers and clients may require demolition contractors to have this type of insurance before they will hire them for a project, so it is often a necessity for those in the demolition industry.

Activities we can cover; but not limited to:

Demolition, Strip-Outs, Asbestos Removal, Asbestos Sampling & Testing, Excavation, earthmoving and digging, Underground work, shoring and underpinning, salvage sales

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What Does Public Liability Insurance Cover?

Public Liability Insurance protects you from the costs of defending you, your employees, and your business from claims for personal injury and property damage by third parties made against you for your actual, or alleged negligence.

Personal Injury

Public Liability covers for personal injury to third party that you are responsible for as part of your insured business activities

Third Party Property Damage

Public Liability also covers for third party property damage that you, your staff, or your equipment have caused as a result of your work.

Asbestos Liability(upon request)

Asbestos Liability covers directly and indirect exposure to asbestos including handling, transporting and accidental disturbance.

Pollution Liability(upon request)

Pollution liability can protect you when dangerous and hazardous substances are released into the environment resulting in financial costs incurred to your business.

What's excluded under a Public Liability Insurance Policy?

Public Liability Insurance Broker

Events that occur outside of your policy dates

Public Liability Insurance Broker

Product recall expenses

Public Liability Insurance Broker

Injuries to employees

Public Liability Insurance Broker

Asbestos and Pollution Liability

Public Liability Insurance Broker

Damages by motor vehicles

Public Liability Insurance Broker

Intentional and deliberate acts

Public Liability Insurance Broker

Advice and Recommendations

Public Liability Insurance Broker

Contractual Public Liability

Does a demolition business need asbestos insurance?

If your business involves demolition, you have exposure to asbestos. Your exposure could be limited if you contract out 100% of the asbestos removal, however you could still face an exposure that could result in hefty legal fees to your business as a result of asbestos disturbance, or removal.What is the extent of my liability?Vicarious liability is a legal concept that could find you responsible for the wrongdoing of your contractors (in this instance; asbestos removal contractor you’ve engaged) regardless if you were involved in the actual wrongdoing. In simple terms, if a client has engaged your services, the claim for damages will be first brought against you, rather than your subcontractor. Legal costs and penalties could be incurred as a result.In summary, regardless if you contract out 100% of your asbestos work, you still have exposure. This financial exposure can be mitigated by ensuring that your public liability insurance has an asbestos extension.

How Morgan Insurance Brokers can help you source Demolition and Asbestos Removal Insurance

Morgan Insurance Brokers has a wealth of experience in insuring businesses in the demolition industry. We understand the risks and can provide tailored insurance solutions to allow you to trade with peace of mind.

We have access to a large panel of insurers that you may not have access to directly, as the consumer and can source comprehensive, and competitively priced premiums. Contact us today.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Demolition and Asbestos Removal Insurance

To obtain a Public Liability quote for your demolition business, the insurers will require some additional information about your activities for example;

  • Are you doing any asbestos work?
  • Are you doing any salvage sales?
  • How high you’ll be working?
  • How deep you’ll be working with an excavator?
  • What equipment will you be using to do the works?

Other information such as the below will also be required

  • Turnover
  • Experience in the industry
  • Employee numbers
  • Subcontractor and labour hire payments

Morgan Insurance Brokers can discuss these with you and fill out any of the neccessary paperwork on your behalf to obtain Public Liability Insurance.

There is an option to pay your insurance monthly.

Your insurer releases your Certificate of Currency when your premium has been paid or monthly instalments have been accepted, and when your proposal form has been signed and returned.

An application form for demolition and asbestos insurance is required.  Morgan Insurance Brokers aims to make the process as easy as possible for you. We complete the proposal form with you over the phone, so you don’t have to print out any paperwork. We then send this to you electronically for your signature. This enables a fast, smooth process for yourself.

Public Liability Insurance can vary greatly depending on the work that you’re doing, your turnover, and how many employees you have. We always approach as many insurers as possible to keep the premium as low as possible for you.

If you contract out the asbestos removal, like most demolition companies do, there is still the risk of the asbestos injury claim to be brought against you. This is because a client has engaged your services as the primary contractor. The original claim will be brought against your company, along with the legal cost associated to defend your position. It is most likely that the asbestos contractor will have insurance that will respond to the injury claim, however, there may be a contribution to the claim that you may have to pay;  depending on the circumstances.