Insurance for RTO's

Insurance for Registered Training Organsations (RTO's)

Registered Training Organisation (RTO) Insurance

Insurance for Registered Training Organsations (RTO's)

Why Insurance for an RTO is important

An RTO or Registered Training Organisation provides vocational education and training.

RTOs have a physical risk when providing hands-on training to their students, whether it be in a classroom or outdoor setting. Accidents could occur when using equipment or machinery, whilst doing training and demonstrations, or a student could injure themselves in the classroom by tripping on furniture. Public Liability Insurance protects RTOs from financial implications if the costs such as medical expenses, time off work, and compensation costs are passed down to you.

RTOs also have a Professional Indemnity insurance exposure as the training content needs to comply with national training standards. Failure to do so could result in a financial loss to an RTO’s client and you could find yourself liable for these costs.

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What does Professional Indemnity cover?

Professional Indemnity Insurance for RTO's protects the advice, recommendations, and training content you provide to your students.

Making a mistake that was not intentional;

A client misinterpreting the advice you’ve given;

Incorrect Content

Is Insurance Mandatory for an RTO?

Public Liability Insurance is mandatory for RTO’s as per the ASQA Clause 7

Professional Indemnity is not mandatory but it is highly recommended to protect RTO’s from the potential of claims brought against them as a result of professional services rendered.

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Some Professional Indemnity Insurance policies can exclude bodily injury claims as a result of your advice, direction, and recommendations. This is a large exposure for an RTO and it’s extremely important that your cover extends to protect you from this.

Unfortunately, this is a common combination that we see in Public Liability & Professional Indemnity policies where the client has not read and understood the terms of their policy, or a broker has provided a cheap cover that the client believes will protect them.

Professional Indemnity policies usually come with a “Bodily Injury Exclusion”. A bodily injury exclusion refers to a policy exclusion that means that if a third party, such as your students sustain physical injury as a result of the professional services, the insurance policy will not cover the resulting bodily injury claims.

This is where a cross over under your Public Liability Insurance can occur. Public Liability Insurance covers claims for third party injury or property damage in which you are liable for.

However, some Public Liability policies have a total and absolute Professional Services Exclusion which means that if a third party suffers an injury as a result of your professional services, they won’t extend to cover the claim.

This can be catastrophic for your business. This is also why it highlights to review, and understand the clauses and conditions in your policy and the implications of such. Morgan Insurance Brokers are specialists in the RTO space and ensure that there are no nasty exclusions like these on the policies that we provide you.

How Morgan Insurance Brokers can help you

Professional Indemnity policies can be confusing. Morgan Insurance Brokers translate your cover into easy to digest terms so you’re only insuring for the cover you need, and not paying for cover you don’t.
Just like you, we are highly experienced and experts in providing advice to our clients. Engaging Morgan Insurance Brokers will provide you with peace of mind that your day to day business activities are covered by an insurance policy that is going to respond when you need it to.

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