Barbershop Insurance

Insurance for Barbershops

Barbershop Insurance

Insurance for Barbershops

Does a Barbershop need Insurance?

Barbershops should consider the risks they face in their business and then obtain appropriate insurance to mitigate these risks. Morgan Insurance Brokers can guide you on which insurance to purchase to protect your business.




Injury from products

Interruption - Loss of Turnover

Glass Breakage

Money Cover - Physical Cash & Electronic

Customer’s injury

Breakdown of equipment

Damage from weather events


Customers injurying themselves

Barbershops have the risk of customers entering their premises and falling over objects like brooms, walking up or down stairs and tripped, slipping on wet surfaces etc. All of these circumstances could result in a compensation claim brought against you. Public Liability Insurance can protect you from the financial costs that these claims could incur.

Fire, Weather Events, Perils

Your stock, contents and fitout hasa the risk of damage or total loss from such events as fire, flood, water damage, burst pipes, storm damage etc. Insuring these under a business package policy can provide you reimbursement for these items if they needed to be repaired or replaced.

Disruption of Trade

Business Interruption Insurance is a cover under a Business Package Policy that can pay for expenses such as wages, rent, electricity and other fixed expenses if you were unable to trade because of an insurable event such as a fire.

Theft & Attempted Theft

Theft insurance can pay for the replacement of items that were stolen and the repair costs to your property, whether rented or owned.

Loss of Money

Although the risk is low, Money cover can protect your physical cash from theft.

Electronic & Machinery Breakdown

Electronic and Machinery Breakdown protects you from the out of pocket cost you could incur if an electronic or machinery motor were to breakdown. For example, Electronic Breakdown could cover the repair or replacement of POS machines, computers, laptops, and telephone systems. Machinery Breakdown risk is quite low.

Breakage of Glass

Breakage of Glass happens and can usually range from $1,000-$2,000 to repair. Glass cover is standardly only a few hundred dollars a year and could be worth considering if you have a large exposure.

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