Insurance For Petrol Stations and Service Stations

Insurance For Petrol Stations and Service Stations

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Insurance For Petrol Stations and Service Stations

There is no denying that service stations and petrol stations can be high risk due to a few factors such as dealing in hazardous and flammable materials, such as petroleum.

Insurance is important as it can protect your business from events such as fire, and the loss oof revenue as a result if your business had to shut down.

Also, due to high customer turnover inside the store, and the potential oil on the ground outside, there can be a large public liability risk for your customers to be injured. Your business could be liable for the costs of an injury such as medical expenses, lost wages, and compensation costs.

Having the right insurance is imporant to the success of your service station!

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Public & Products Liability Insurance for Service Stations and Petrol Stations

Public Liability Insurance can provide cover for accidents and injuries that occur. It can cover medical expenses, as well as legal fees and settlements.

Personal Injury Claims

Examples that could result in personal injury claims brought against your business could be:

Liquids that have spilled on the ground; Rain making the ground outside slippery; wet floor inside the store during cleaning times; inadequate lighting; obsticals in the store creating a trip hazards.

The above examples could result in serious injury, and large medical expenses that you could be liable for. It’s extremely important to ensure that you have adequate insurance to protect yourself.

Property Damage Claims

Petrol Stations or Service Stations could cause damage to third party property and be liable to pay for the damages. For example, if they are using forklifts and run into the neighbouring fence, or a customers vehicle.

Public Liability Insurance can seek to reimburse for these damages.

How Morgan Insurance Brokers can help obtain Bakery Business Insurance

Morgan Insurance Brokers can help a service station to adequately insure their business so when an unexpected event occurs, they have peace of mind that their insurance will respond. Trust in us, trust in our process.

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