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Home Insurance Broker - Learn more about how we can protect your home and contents

Home Insurance Broker

Home Insurance Broker - Learn more about how we can protect your home and contents

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Home Building & Contents Insurance

Your home is most likely the greatest and most valuable asset you’ll come to own, so it’s important to ensure that your investment is protected with a comprehensive insurance policy using a qualified Home Insurance Broker.

The age-old saying “the poor man pays twice” is just as true in this area. Many individuals focus solely on the price point as opposed to ensuring that their cover actually protects their interests from a wide range of risks. This results in individuals not being covered for a number of commonly occurring events for the sake of a few hundred dollars. You will have peace of mind when insuring your Home through Morgan Insurance Brokers that your greatest asset is insured correctly.

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What does Home Insurance Cover

Home Building & Contents Insurance packs can offer general protection which may include cover against:


A home insurance policy insures for the replacement of your building if it were to suffer a total loss like a fire. It also covers the repair costs if it were damaged


A home insurance policy protects your contents items for repair or replacement if they were to be damaged because of an insurable event

Public Liability

Public Liability insurance is automatically included in your home insurance policy and covers you against claims for third party property damage or injury that you’re liable for.

What's Typically Covered

Accidental Damage











Electronic Breakdown


Water Run Off


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How we help you

Here at Morgan Insurance Brokers, we choose to exclusively offer Accidental Damage Policies, as these policies offer the greatest level of cover for our clients. To ensure that you’re appropriately insured, employ the services of our expert team to assess your personal insurance needs, and provide professional advice on how to best protect your personal investments. You can be assured that Morgan Insurance Brokers have got you covered.

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What is typically not covered?

Public Liability Insurance Broker

War & Terrorism

Public Liability Insurance Broker

Old Age

Public Liability Insurance Broker

Wear and Tear

Public Liability Insurance Broker

Action of the sea

Public Liability Insurance Broker

Deliberate Acts By You

Public Liability Insurance Broker

Rust & Mold

Public Liability Insurance Broker

Insect, Bird, or Rodent Damage

Public Liability Insurance Broker

Optional Accidental Damage Cover

Benefits of insuring through Morgan Insurance Brokers

  • We value being proactive, not reactive.
  • We speak to the insurers on your behalf and negotiate the best cover possible for your home
  • Free claims handling, from claim lodgement to claim settlement, we handle this for you – we are the experts.
  • We remove the jargon from your insurance policy wordings and let you know, in easy to digest terms, what you are and aren’t covered for.
  • We are part of the Steadfast Group, which means because of our buying power, we are able to offer the highest level of cover to our clients.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Increasing your excess will decrease your annual premium. However, the frequency of claims due to natural weather events of late could find yourself worse off if you opt for a higher excess.

Morgan Insurance Brokers always recommends a comprehensive accidental damage policy which automatically protects your jewellery items away from the home – subject to policy sublimits and conditions.

Morgan Insurance Brokers has access to a panel of home insurers that include Allianz, CGU, QBE, Hollard, Blue Zebra, Chubb & Mansions.

If we have all the information required in order to approach our panel of approved insurers, we could obtain quotes for you on the same day. If your requirements need further sign off by the insurer, it could take slightly longer.

A few insurers on our panel do apply disccounts if you have other policies insured with them. However, as your Insurance Broker, we approach multiple insurers on your behalf. We find that the same insurer for your home, may not be as competitive for your motor vehicle. for example. Placing cover with different insurers is usually more cost effective than having multiple policies with the same insurer.

Monthly Instalments is available for home insurance.

Most home insurers have a 60 or 90 day unoccupancy clause which means that your property can be vacant for this period of time without having an impact on your insurance. If you think you’re going to exceed this time frame, please advise us.

A Policy Wording/ Product Disclosure Statement, or PDS contains your insurance policy terms and conditions, policy coverages and exclusions, your requirements as a policy holder, and also the insurer’s requirements when entering into an insurance contract. These can be very lengthy, and hard to understand. Morgan Insurance Brokers can guide you through decifering the document so you know exactly what you’re covered for.

A Target Market Determination (TMD) sets out who an insurance product is appropriate for. It also contains conditions around how the insurance product can be distributed.

Your building sum insured should reflect the replacement cost if the property was to burn down. Always think worse case scenario. Other factors in determining the replacement cost is professional fees and removal of debris. These should be in additional to the cost to rebuild. The figure will not be the market value of your property, and it won’t be the market value, less the land value.

For a closer figure, we recommend using a building sum insured calculator which can be accessed here:

Building sum insured calculator

Flood Cover is standardly included in home insurance policies, with the rare except to opt out.

Flood is defined as:

The covering of normally dry land by water that has escaped or been released from the normal confines of: 

  • any lake
  • or any river
  • creek
  • or other natural watercourse whether or not altered or modified; or
  • any reservoir
  • canal
  • dam.

See More here: The Insurance Council Of Australia’s Definition of Flood Insurance Page

Most home insurers have a 60 or 90 day unoccupancy clause where they will permit your home to be vacant for this duration without any penalty. If your property is unoccupied for more than this period and a claim were to occur, you could find yourself uninsured.

If your property was damaged and the portion of your property was damaged contained asbestos material, your insurer could contribute to the costs incurred to remove the asbestos. It is important to disclose if your property containts asbestos as not all insurers will cover you and subsequently could deny claims because of this.

Subletting is excluded under a home insurance policy and could void your cover.

Fixed Air-conditioning units and ducted air-conditioning systems are considered part of the building. If you have a portable air-conditioning unit, this will form part of your contents.

Solar Panels full under the building defintion. Therefore, your building sum insured should reflect the cost to replace your solar panels as well.

Removal of Debris is an amount that will be paid to clear, remove, demolish and debris from your property in the event of a fire, or other insured event. Some insurers automatically allow for an amount (10% – 20%) as an additional benefit under their policy wording, however, other insurers require you to have this amount included in your building sum insured under your policy.

For the take of a small amount of premium, it’s best that your building sum insured includes the costs of removing debris.

In most instances if there is damage to your building, you are permited to take a cash settlement of the repair figure and have the repairs completed by your own preferred trades.

The best home insurance is the insurance that will react and respond quicckly to any damages to your property. The best home insurance is cost effective, comprehensive, and has an excellent claims servicing ability.