Insurance for Caterers

Insurance for Caterers

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Why Insurance for Caterers matters

A caterer has many activities and duties to do to pull off a great event. In the course of their business, there is the risk that something could go accidently wrong, exposing them to public risk.

A caterer typically;

  • Plans and prepares menus for an event
  • Prepares and cooks the food for events
  • Provides and coordinate wait staff
  • Sets up the event
  • Cleans up after the event

There is the risk of injury to your clients and their guests if they were to hurt themselves because of your negligence. Adequate insurance coverage will protect you from the financial burden if this were to happen.

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Public & Products Liability Insurance for Caterers

Public Liability Insurance for caterers protects from injury claims and property damage claims that you're negligent and liable for. It will pay for legal, defence, and compensation costs that are incurred.

Property Damage Claims

Property Damage claims for a caterer could; damage to your clients glass or china, starting a kitchen fire, breaking of equipment. Your clients could sue you for repair or replacement cost of the damaged items.

Product Liability/Personal Injury claims

Examples of product liability claims could be; food contamination, allergies or food poisoning.

Personal Injury claims could result from slips or falls over your equipment.

How Morgan Insurance Brokers can help your Caterering Business

Morgan Insurance Brokers has insured countless catering businesses and know the risks that they face and how the correct insurance cover can mititage the financial risk if someone were to sue you for property damage, or injury claims. There should also be consideration when it comes to insuring your own equipment as well. Contact us today.

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