Insurance for Hairdressers and Beauty Salons

Industry Insurance

Insurance for Hairdressers and Beauty Salons

Industry Insurance

Does a Hairdressing and Beauty Salon need Insurance?

Whether you operate from home, rent a chair, or rent a shop, the risks are still closey the same.

Below are some of the main risks that a salon could encounter, all of which could be mitigated with the correct insurance in place.



Injury from products

Interruption - Loss of Turnover

Glass Breakage

Money Cover - Physical Cash & Electronic

Customer’s injury

Breakdown of equipment

Damage from weather events

Risks For You Salon And How Insurance can Protect Your Business

Does a Hairdresser Need Public Liability Insurance?

Hairdressers & Beauty Salons should insure for Public & Products Liability as there is risk of injury to their clients as a result of their services, slips and falls in the salon, or injuries sustained by the products that they use.

Insuring Your Fit Out, Contents & Stock

If you own a salon, insuring your fit out, contents and stock for such events such as fire, storm, flood and other natural perils should be considered. The sum to replace all of these after an event could easily mount up to the tens, if not hundreds of thousands depending on the size of your salon. Would you have the available funds to replace all of the assets if a fire were to destroy your salon?

Business Interruption - Insuring your turnover

Business Interruption protects your turnover if an insurable event such as a fire were to disrupt your trade. Business Interruption Insurance can pay for your fixed and unfixed expenses such as wages and rent whilst your salon was being repaired back to it’s original state after events such as a fire.

Theft & Attempted Theft

Theft Insurance for a salon is to protect your physical items such as computers, POS machines, contents items, and stock against burglary. It can also protect your rented premise from damages that were sustained from a burglary, or attemped burglary.

Insuring your Physical Cash

The need for Money Insurance to protect from theft these days is quite low with the majority of payments being through electronic funds transfer. However, depending on your personal circumstances, insuring your money could still be considered. Money cover can protect your cash whilst kept on site during the day, overnight, or in transit to the bank.

Electronic & Machinery Breakdown

Electronic Breakdown can cover the breakdown of larger cost items such as telephone systems, computers, and POS system for electronic breakdown. Machinery Breakdown can cover the repair or replacement of ites such as a washing machine, dryer, or other such items that have a motor. The risk is fairly low for a haidresser but the cover is available if required.

Glass Cover

Plate Glass Cover is a fairly inexpensive cover to have an is one of the more claimed on sections of a business insurance policy. If you ar erenting a shop, you will most likely require Plate Glass Cover as it’s usually a requirement on a commercial lease agreement.

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