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Learn more about Fleet Insurance

Fleet Insurance Brokers

Learn more about Fleet Insurance

Morgan Insurance Brokers are specialists in fleet insurance. From sedans and hatchbacks, to utes and trucks – we know the risks that accompany a fleet of vehicles.
Fleet Insurance will protect your vehicles, including plant and equipment for comprehensive damages, as well as damage to other property, and vehicles if you were in an accident. We all know how costly it is to repair a vehicle, but when you have numerous vehicles, with numerous drivers out on the road with hundreds of thousands of dollars of your assets – the risk is high. Ensuring you have a policy that will respond to claims quickly, with minimal disturbances is priceless. Morgan Insurance Brokers manages all of your claims so you can rest easy knowing that your vehicles will be back on the road as soon as possible, and your claims are our priority.

Top Risks for a Fleet of Vehicles

Damage to Own Property

A fleet policy will protect your assets from damage caused be your own fault, and the fault of others.

Damage to Property

If there is damage to property, whether there is damage to your items or not, a fleet policy will respond to those costs.

Damage to Other Vehicles

If you’ve been in an accident with another vehicle, the costs incurred for the damages can be insured under a fleet policy.


Unfortunately, theft of vehicles and equipment happens every day. Ensuring that you have comprehensive cover to replace your stolen vehicle is essential to your business.

Storm, Hail, & Flood

Cover for damages to your vehicle that has resulted from storms, hail damages, and flooding.


Cover for fire damage to your vehicle.

Benefits of Insuring your fleet with Morgan Insurance Brokers

Free Claims Handling

Morgan Insurance Brokers handles all of your claims made, from lodgement all the way to repair. We expedite and prioritise your claims because we know that without your vehicles on the road, it will cost you money and can severely impact your business.

Same Day Responses

We know how important it is that matters are resolved immediately to avoid any disruptions in your business. This is why we promise same day responses to our fleet clients to ensure speedy resolutions and minimal disturbances to your business.

Comprehensive Covers

Comprehensive Insurance, Excess Free Windscreen Claims, Automatic Additions to minimise administration work for you throughout the year – some of the policy benefits that we have access to which can provide substantial benefits to your business.

Risk Management

Depending on the size of your fleet, some Insurers offer a Risk Management Review as there are many ways to implement strategies to minimise the frequency and severity of claims. In turn, reducing your premium.

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Talk today with our team to find the best insurance plan that will suit your needs.

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