Waste and Recycling Insurance

Insurance for businesses in waste management

Waste and Recycling Industry Business Insurance

Insurance for businesses in waste management

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Why Insurance matters for the waste management industry

The risks for a waste and recycling business can be severe with large financial implications.

Waste and recycling businesses must comply with local, state and national laws and regulations when handling, disposing of waste, including hazardous materials. Failing to do so could lead to large fines and penalities.

Waste management businesses also have a responsibility to run their operations safely to protect their employees, and third parties from hazardous materials such as batteries and chemicals as not to inflict any phyical injury during the process.

Waste management businesses also need to consider the environment when handling, transporting, and disposing of waste to avoid pollution.

All of the above could result in large financial losses to your business, however, these can be mitigated with adequate insurance policies.

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What Does Public Liability Insurance Cover?

Public Liability Insurance for a Waste Management Business will protect you for claims brought against you for property damage, personal injury, and pollution claims.

Personal Injury and Property Damage

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Pollution Liability

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Do I need Public Liability Insurance?

Waste Management Businesses should insure for Public Liability insurance to protect themselves from the large financial costs that they could be liable for. Public Liability Insurance can protect you from claims for third party property damage caused by your operations – such as fires, or spills. Public Liability Insurance also protects you for injury claims for visitors that enter your office, or property and hurt themselves by slipping, tripping, or falling.

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How Morgan Insurance Brokers can help you

Insurance for Waste Management Businesses doesn’t have to be difficult to obtain. Morgan Insurance Brokers are experienced in insuring Waste & Recycling Businesses and understand the risks you face, and can provide insurance covers to protect your business. Contact us today.

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