Insurance for Solar Companies

Insurance for Solar Businesses to cover for design, install, maintenace and repair work

Solar Panel Installers Insurance

Insurance for Solar Businesses to cover for design, install, maintenace and repair work

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Why it matters

Solar companies are businesses that design, install, and maintain solar energy systems.

There are a range of risks that an adequate Insurance Program can mitigate:

  • Design and engineering: Solar companies may work with customers to design a solar energy system that meets their energy needs and budget.
  • Site Assessments, Installation, Maintenance & Repair: Solar companies may install solar energy systems on rooftops, on the ground, or on other structures which poses a risk for slips, and trips, and risk of falling objects.
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What insurances should a Solar Business consider?

Important insurances to consider for a Solar Business

  1. Public Liability insurance: covers damages or injuries that may occur on-site, or at your office, or as a result of the company’s products or services.
  2. Business insurance: This type of insurance covers damages to the company’s physical assets, such as its offices, equipment, and inventory.
  3. Professional Indemnity insurance:  covers claims for design and from claims arising from professional mistakes or failures to perform.
  4. Vehicle insurance: If the solar company uses vehicles for business purposes, it will need to have insurance to cover damages or injuries that may occur in a car accident.
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Public Liability Insurance for Sole Traders

Tool Insurance


Solar businesses use a variety of tools and equipment, and these can be expensive to replace if they are lost, stolen, or damaged. Tool Insurance can help cover the cost of replacing these items, which can help the business continue to operate smoothly and efficiently.

How Morgan Insurance Brokers can help your Solar Business

Morgan Insurance brokers are experts and can help a solar business understand its specific insurance needs and find the right policy to meet those needs. Morgan Insurance Brokers can also explain the terms and conditions of different policies and help the business choose the best coverage for your needs.

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