Public Liability Insurance Whilst Bankrupt

Public Liability Insurance Whilst Bankrupt

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Can I obtain Public Liability Insurance Whilst Bankrupt? Can I obtain Public Liability Insurance if I've recently been discharged from being bankrupt?

Obtaining Public Liability Insurance whilst you are currently bankrupt, or have been discharged within the last 3-5 years can be challenging, however, not impossible.

Fortunately, Morgan Insurance Brokers has access to a large number of insurance providers that all have different views of bankrupties.

These are handled on an indvidual and case by case basis, rather than a blanket yes or no.

Another common question that we receive, is if the insurance will be more expensive because of a bankruptcy? In short, maybe; but not for the reason you think. As there are a few insurers that will always decline a client with a bankruptcy history, this will exclude them from our options. These insurers may standardly be the cheapest insurer for your occupation. The insurers that are happy with insuring you with your bankruptcy history won’t charge more because of it though.

Morgan Insurance Brokers has had many recent successes in obtaining Public Liability Insurance for clients that are currently bankrupt, or recently discharged.

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