Public Liability Insurance for Sole Traders

Insurance for Sole Traders using a Qualified Insurance Broker

Public Liability Insurance for Sole Traders

Insurance for Sole Traders using a Qualified Insurance Broker

Public Liability Insurane for a sole trader could cost between $600 – $1,500 a year dependnig on your occupation, your limit of public liability ou choose, and your turnover.

A sole trader can get public liability insurance as long as they have a registered and active ABN.

Public Liability insurance will cover a sole trader and their employees for third party injury and property damage in which they are liable for.

The best insurance for a sole trader is a public liability insurance policy that will cover their activities with no restrictive conditions. With Morgan Insurance Brokers working with you, we can secure a policy that will protect your business without breaking the bank.

Sole Trader Public Liability Insurance

Sole Trader Public Liability Insurance is crucial to protect you personally from the legal consequences of personal injury or property damage claims brought against you.

This page will provide you with insight into the common events that occur for sole traders that lead to insurance claims.

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What Does Public Liability Insurance Cover?

Public & Products Liability Insurance will protect sole traders from the legal costs that arise in the event that something goes wrong. Accidents happen, and your Public Liability policy will protect you from injury or property claims that you're liable for.

Third Party Property Damage

Sole Traders will benefit from a Public Liabilty Insurance policy to protect them from claims brought against them for property damage that results out of their negligence.

Property Damage Claims examples:
  • Damage to glass by a cleaner
  • Painter spills paint on timber floors and they need replacing.
  • A Gardener is mowing a lawn and a rock leaves a chip in the windscreen on a nearby car

Products Liability

Products Liability will protect you from the financial costs of claims brought against you from injury as a resulf of the products you manufacture, retail, wholesale, or distrubute.

Product Liability examples include:
  • A cakemaker sells their baked goods and a client suffers from food poisening.
  • Your manufacturered items causing personal injury

Third Party Personal Injury

Injury claims can be extremely expensive so it’s important to have a Public Liability Insurance policy that will protect you from third party injury and compensation claims if someones been hurt.

Personal Injury Claim examples
  • A consultant has guests in their office and slipped over furniture and injured themselves.
  • Your subcontractor trips over on site.
  • A homebased hairdresser has a client that slipped on a wet floor whilst using their bathroom and sustained serious injuries.

What's standardly excluded under a Public Liability Policy?

Public Liability Insurance Broker

Events that occur outside of your policy dates

Public Liability Insurance Broker

Product recall costs

Public Liability Insurance Broker

Injuries to your employees

Public Liability Insurance Broker

Asbestos and Pollution Liability

Public Liability Insurance Broker

Damages caused by your motor vehicles

Public Liability Insurance Broker

Intentional and deliberate acts

Public Liability Insurance Broker

Professional Advice and Recommendations

Public Liability Insurance Broker

Claims where you have assumed Liability

Public Liability Insurance for Sole Traders

Do I need Public Liability Insurance as a Sole Trader?

It has become common practice in Australia that before you’re engaged to do works, that you are to produce a copy of your Public Liability Certificate of Currency. It is not legally mandatory to have Public Liability Insurance for most industries.

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Personal Accident & Illness Insurance

Why Every Sole Trader Needs It

A Personal Accident and Illness policy can pay you a lump sum benefit for injuries that you sustain, along with a weekly sum for a period until you’re able to return to work.

Accident Cover:
If you’re can’t work from an accident, Personal Accident Cover will pay your lost income.

Illness Cover:
Illness Cover will pay you a weekly benefit if you are unable to work. This can include COVID-19 cover as well.

Business Expenses Cover:
Business Expenses cover will pay a benefit amount for your fixed business expenses if you were unable to work.

What's typically excluded under a Personal Accident And Illness Policy?

Public Liability Insurance Broker

Pre existing injuries

Public Liability Insurance Broker

Injuries that occurred before your policy start date

Public Liability Insurance Broker

Injuries that occurred whilst paying professional sports

Public Liability Insurance Broker

Individuals over 75

Public Liability Insurance Broker

Benefit periods longer than 2 years

Public Liability Insurance Broker

Criminal Acts/Alcohol/Drugs

Public Liability Insurance Broker

Mental illness

Public Liability Insurance Broker


Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation is mandatory if you have employees

Workers Compensation Insurance is a compulsory insurance that is goverened by each state and territory in Australia. This will compensation for wages and medical expenses in the event your employees were injured at work.

Find out more about your relevant state Workers Compensation Insurance Requirements
Public Liability Insurance for Sole Traders

Tool Insurance


Replacing all of your tools at once because of a theft or fire is  extremely expensive. Fortunately, tool insurance is a cheap solution.

What's Covered

Accidental Damage

Collision whilst in transit


Fire, Flood, Storm

What's Excluded

Public Liability Insurance Broker

Theft In Open Air (unless requested)

Public Liability Insurance Broker

Electronic Breakdown

Public Liability Insurance Broker

Items over $2,500 (unless specified)

Public Liability Insurance Broker

Theft without forcible entry

How Morgan Insurance Brokers can help your Sole Trader Business

Morgan Insurance Brokers are specialists in protecting sole traders nationwide and will provide a professional service.

We provide peace of mind that your business will succeed when engaging Morgan Insurance Brokers as your preferred business insurance broker.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A sole trader is an individual that runs a business and is responsible for all aspects of the business, including debts and losses.​​

You can read more on the Australian Governments website.

Australian Government Information About Becoming a Sole Trader

Sole trader structures are very easy to set up, with minimal costs involved. Standardly, you’d only need to register an Australian Business Number with the Australian Tax Office, and this then will enable you to trade.

As the individual responsible for the business and it’s operations, you are personally liable for anything that goes wrong. This means your personal assets such as your car or home are exposed.

If you employ staff, you are required by law to hold Workers Compensation insurance. Workers compensation insurance covers:

  • Out of pocket medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Rehabilitation costs

Other insurance policies are not legally mandatory, but are recommended.

Morgan Insurance Brokers has the facilities to offer sole traders the option to pay their insurance premiums over 12 flexible monthly instalments.

Fortunately, the benefit of obtaining Public Liability Insurance through a broker means that your dedicated Broker will approach a large panel of approved insurers on your behalf. Your Broker will be able to source you the cheapest, most comprehensive policies available.

  • Same day Certificate of Currency
  • Cheap premiums
  • High levels of cover
  • Flexible excess options
  • Flexible payment options
  • No admin charges to make changes to your policies

It will protect sole traders from the legal costs that arise in the even that something goes wrong. Accidents happen, and your Public Liability policy will protect you from injury or property claims that you’re liable for.

If you are changing to a Pty Ltd company structure, your insurances will need to be updated to reflect your correct entity and affiliated ABN.

The rate is calculated by your occupation, wages, and claims history.

At the end of the policy period, you will declare how much you actually paid in wages, and then either pay an additional top up, or are refunded if you’ve over projected.

Broadform Liability Insurance and General Liability Insurance are terms that people use to refer to Public & Products Liability insurance. Broadform Liability Insurance will property damage, personal injury and Products Liability. It is common to have products liability insurance automatically covered, however, it’s wise to check your policy details to confirm.

Public Liability Insurance is designed to protect third parties from loss, damage, or injuries as a result of your work and services. If the work that you’ve done for your client was defective, (say for example, incorrect conrete pour) then the costs that you incur to redo the work will not be covered by insurance.

The limit of Public Liability that you should insure for is dependent on who your clients are.

There is the option to insure for $5M, $10M and $20M.

The waiting period on your Personal Accident and Illness cover ranges from 7 days, 14, 21, or 28 days.

Claims for COVID19 may attract longer wait times.

Tools less than $2,500 are automatically covered.