Guide To Preparing For Storm Season

Preparing for the storm season involves several key steps to ensure your safety and the safety of your property. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you prepare:

Keeping in the loop

Its important to keep up with current information to stay safe. Monitor weather updates by going online to (BoM). You can also sign up to text message alerts. Other avenues could be watching news on the TV, or listening to the radio. Having a few options available is important incase the power goes out.

Plan for pets

Storms are terryfing for pets, which means in the panic of a storm, they can escape your yard. Ensuring that your pets are inside during a storm can assist. Doing a check of the condition of your fence before hand will also identify if there is a possibility of them escaping. Also by making sure your pets are microchipped, and a collar with your contact details on it can assist your pets on their return home if they do get out.

Make sure your understanding of your insurance is correct

Insurance policies can be complex to understand. If you need guidance on how your insurance policy would respond in the event of a storm/flood/water damage you can contact an insurance broker. Some policies have limitations, and waiting periods before they’ll respond to events. Morgan insurance Brokers are professionals with property insurance. If your current covers aren’t comprehensive, we can offer great, tailored cover.

Prepare Your Property

Securing your property before a storm is important to avoid any additional damages.
You could remove unhealthy trees or trim any branches that have the ability to fall off during high winds. Ensuring proper drainage for water to flow through if there is a big downpour can prevent water entering in the wrong places in your property. Putting away or securing outdoor furniture is important so that they don’t get damaged if there are high winds that lifts them off the ground.
Moving your car under shelter, away from any possible trees that could fall on it is also a great preventative.

Have an emergency plan ironed out in preparation

If you need to evacuate, need emergency services, or communication are down, having a clear plan on where to go, and what to do in these instances communicated clearly with family and friends beforehand is important to ensure safety and prevent worry.

Have a Safety Kit Ready

A safety kit could include:
A torch and candles
Battery bank to charge mobiles;
Bottled water;
First aid supplies;
Matches and lighters;
Non perishable foods.

As the storm season gears up into full swing, stay informed through reliable sources, and don’t hesitate to take action when warnings are issued. The steps you take now can significantly impact your resilience to storms.