Excavator Insurance

Excavator Insurance

excavator insurance

Should I Insure my Excavator?

Investing in an excavator insurance policy is a smart decision, given the significant investment involved and the  risks tied to its operation.

Protecting your financial stability and assets is paramount, making it crucial to thoroughly explore and select the right insurance coverage tailored to your unique needs and risks.

Why You Should Engage an Insurance Broker for Your Excavator Insurance

Seeking guidance from an Broker with deep knowledge of the construction sector can greatly aid in making well-informed insurance choices. This not only ensures your excavator is comprehensively protected but also your business as well.

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What Does Excavator Insurance Cover?

Excavator insurance typically offers a comprehensive range of coverages to protect against the various risks associated with its use.


Covers the costs of repairs or replacement if the excavator is damaged in an accident, whether it’s operating at a job site or during transportation.

Theft & Vandalism

Provides coverage if the excavator is stolen or deliberately damaged. Given the high value and the appeal of heavy machinery to thieves, this coverage is crucial.

Natural Disasters

Offers protection in the event of damage from natural events such as floods, earthquakes, storms, or other natural disasters.


Protects against the financial impact of your excavator being damaged or destroyed by fire

Does Excavator Insurance Cover Public Liability Insurance?

Depending on the structure of your policy, it's possible to secure a comprehensive insurance plan that not only safeguards your excavator but also extends its protective coverage to encompass your entire business operations to include public liability insurance. This means you could enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing both your valuable machinery and the broader aspects of your business are well-protected against a variety of risks. Such a policy is designed to offer a holistic approach to insurance, ensuring that from your excavator to every facet of your business activities, you are covered. In 2022, Safe Work Australia notes that machinery operators and drivers had the highest fatality rate in any occupation. You can see the statistics on Safe Works Australia website

What Does Public Liability Insurance Cover?

Personal Injury

Property Damage

Vibration, Removal, Weakening of Supports

Property in Physical and Legal Control

How Morgan Insurance Brokers can help insuring your Excavator

Morgan Insurance Brokers can be a huge help when it comes to insuring your excavator. We understand that every business and piece of machinery is different, and we’re experts at finding the perfect insurance policy for your specific needs. With our wide network of insurance providers and deep knowledge of the industry, we can navigate through all the options to get you the best coverage at a great price.


We make the whole process easy to understand, so you’re confident in your coverage. When you work with Morgan Insurance Brokers, you’re not just getting insurance for your excavator; you’re getting a partner who’s invested in keeping your business safe and sound.

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