Sole Trader Public Liability Insurance

What is Public Liability Insurance?

Public Liability Insurance is insurance cover to protect individuals and businesses from legal claims brought against them by third parties such as customers, for bodily/personal injury or property damage as a result of their business activities, or their products that they sell.

What does Public Liability Insurance Cover?

Public Liability Insurance covers the costs of any legal fees, compensation demands, and other expenses when a third party has suffered a loss as a result of your neglience.

Do Sole Traders Need Public Liability Insurance?

Sole Traders may interact with customers or members of the public on site, for example if they are in the construction industry, or if they have clients visit their office. When there is activity that involves contact with customers, there is the risk that an injury or property damage could occur. Public Liability is crucial, especially for those industries that have a higher risk of bodily injury, such as businesses that sell/distribute/manufacture products, or are involved in the construction industry.

Contractual Requirements

Some of your customers may require you to hold a Public Liability Insurance policy before they engage your services. Standardly, if this is the case, they will require you to have $20,000,000 cover.

Obtaining Public Liability Insurance using the services of Morgan Insurance Brokers makes the process streamline, quick and efficient. We can assess your situation, your risk level, your budget, then provide a suitable cover to protect your business. Refer to our page “Public Liability for Sole Traders” for more information.