Does a demolition business need asbestos insurance? 

If your business involves demolition, you have exposure to asbestos. Your exposure could be limited if you contract out 100% of the asbestos removal, however you could still face an exposure that could result in hefty legal fees to your business as a result of asbestos disturbance, or removal.

What is vicarious liability?

Vicarious liability is a legal concept that could find you responsible for the wrongdoing of your contractors (in this instance; asbestos removal contractor you’ve engaged) regardless if you were involved in the actual wrongdoing. In simple terms, if a client has engaged your services, the claim for damages will be first brought against you, rather than your subcontractor. Legal costs and penalties could be incurred as a result.

In conclusion, regardless if you contract out 100% of your asbestos work, you still have exposure. This financial exposure can be mitigated by ensuring that your public liability insurance has an asbestos extension.


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