How Storms Expose Lingering Roof Maintenance Issues

Storms often get the blame for roof damage. However, whilst these natural events can indeed cause destruction and damage to your property, they can actually be uncovering pre-existing maintenance issues rather than being the sole cause of damage.

The Illusion of Sudden Damage

When a storm hits, and a roof suffers damage, it’s easy to attribute the problem directly to the weather event. However, in many cases, the storm merely reveals issues that have been developing over time. Issues such as missing tiles, gutters overflowing from debris, issues with flashing etc. These issues might not be noticeable under normal conditions but can lead to significant problems when a big storm hits.

The Role of Regular Maintenance

A well-maintained roof not only lasts longer but also stands a better chance of surviving a storm without significant damage. Routine inspections can identify minor issues before they escalate, saving homeowners from costly repairs down the line.

Unfortunately, roof maintenance is often overlooked until it’s too late, turning minor, fixable problems into costly, extensive damage after a storm.

The Aftermath of a Storm

Post-storm, it’s crucial to assess your roof for any damage promptly. This is the time when previously unnoticed or minor issues can become apparent. Quick action can prevent further damage to the roof structure and the interior of your home.

If you find yourself lodging a claim under your insurance, the insurance companies will usually engage a professional trade to help determine whether the damage was indeed caused by the storm or if it merely exposed existing maintenance issues.

Storms do not necessarily cause roof damage outright but often highlight and exacerbate pre-existing maintenance issues. This serves as a reminder of the importance of regular roof maintenance and the need for property owners to be proactive in caring for their roofs.

By understanding the underlying issues that storms reveal, property owners can take steps to protect their property, ensuring their roofs are prepared to withstand whatever nature throws their way.

How will insurance respond?

Insurance will usually pay for the resulting damages, such as internal damages to ceilings from water entering the property and causing damages. As for the repairs to the roof, it’ll be more than likely an out of pocket expense you’ll incur to fix the maintenance issues that the storm has exacerbated, rather than caused.

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